About us


We are a family run trekking outfitter that have been trekking sheppards paths for the past with trekkers since 1992.


Mr. Prakash Dhami grew up with the sheppards of the Western Himalayas and spent days wondering these beautiful mountains with them. To this day the sheppards are with our trekkiing team to guide us through this mountain ranges.


Over the years we have trained local men to become our trekking team who are warm, caring, adventurous and most of all watches for the trekker.


Safety is our main focus and this is why Mr. Dhami's eldest son, Nitin Dhami, trained in the WHIM Mountineering course to know how to hand anything that the mountains gives us on a trek.

Mr. Dhami's eldest daughter, Phalguni Sharma, was the first female trekking guide to trek these mountains and his youngest son, Vinayak Dhami, help lead an expidtion over the Kugdi Pass (5100 Meters) when he was only 15.


Mr. Dhami's wife Sneh also gets involved by creating an amazing meal plan for the trek that will have you wondering how is all this possible.


We have a full team as well as well maintained equipment. Depending on the trek we will use mules for a lot of the equipment or our team will carry it. Ether way you will only need to carry what you want.




Why us?


Well that is a big question as there are many trekking outfiters in Himachal Pradash. What it comes down to is do you want to take a trek that will have no other tourist on the path? Do you want to see real life on these moutains? Want to see raw beauty? Then this is why.


We have the passion for trekking but also we are family. As soon as you arrive into India you are in our care. We may not be big or offer hundreds of treks but what we are is true to what we offer.

True untouched trekking that will leave you breathless.